Investor Roundtable: Peter Diamandis, Founder of XPRIZE, and Global Family Officers Hosted by Ken Chang

July 12th, Shanghai, burning hot with 38 Celsius degrees. People's body temperature seemed to rise with the heat the minute he stepped outside. In such a weather, what would cool people off except for a cold drink under an air conditioner? 40 top investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world flew in and revealed their cool answers.

Dr. Peter Diamandis, one of the world's greatest business leaders, led a group of 24 people to attend the investor roundtable hosted by Minfon Group and its global acceleration platform, Shanghai Valley. These world class business leaders along with 10 local Chinese institutional investors, such as Wanda family office and SVB Capital, included world famous serial entrepreneurs, heirs of family enterprises, senior fund managers, and business executives.

After a short discussion, the group started sharing business opportunities and challenges, as well as the investment processes that people may encounter in this ancient nation. Minfon Group founder & CEO, Ken Chang, also provided a glimpse of what the local Chinese investment community looks like by introducing our global acceleration platform, Shanghai Valley's business model - the first exclusive, China-focused, online and offline investment platform for corporate investors to partner and invest in high-quality, exceptional global companies. Since its inception, Shanghai Valley has received startup applications and partnership inquiries from more than 40 countries, with more than 600 institutional investors across the globe in its database, mostly corporate investors, family offices, and VCs, and thousands of startups globally.

In the company roadshow session, three startups of disruptive smart glasses, connected badge for the police in China, and the future of airline seating gave their presentations.

The first presentation was about disruptive smart glasses. People who love jogging outdoors may face potential traffic accidents when they look down to check the data on mobile devices. Besides, the existing VR glasses with monitor for sports data are generally with rough design and narrow view, which is hard to meet people's requirement. Exploring this niche market, the presented smart glasses upgrades in design and range of view and keeps the accurate and complete data in the monitor, combining fashion and safety.

The second presented a connected badge that played a key role in UN peacekeeping. Composed of the unmanned aircraft, GPS, walkie talkie and video system, the device could swiftly and accurately locate the user and receive his message real-time, thus is an advanced security maintenance facility that has been applied by Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China and UN Libyan peacekeeping force.

Last but not least, the future airline seats aim to benefit all the economy class passengers with a seat more comfortable and light. Economy class passengers account for 94% of all airline traffic today while the mass is still suffering from 1970s laggard techniques, resulting in No 1. complaints about seat discomfort. Recently, airline profitability constantly decreases and only substandard services are provided to keep short-term profits. To tackle this long-term lose-lose situation, the future airline seats is 50% lighter, 12% wider than the long-haul economy seats and offer 4 inches more legroom for the same floor space.

The three presenters elaborated on the respective product functions, business models, financials and etc. The heated Q&A session followed and it is believed that these products will define the new era and contribute to the world.

At last, Ken, the founder and CEO of Minfon Group expressed gratitude to the investors group and emphasized that every quarter, an investor roadshow including 5 quality global startups and 20-30 institutional investors will be organized with simultaneous interpreting service to facilitate the communication.

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