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Minfon Group is a global venture development company and the parent company of different brands based in Silicon Valley, California. We create, accelerate, and scale businesses internally as well as with Fortune 500 corporations and startups worldwide. We have co-built innovation programs with BP Castrol, Volvo Cars, and other Fortune 500s to launch global acceleration platforms to focus on cross-border corporate innovation and startup activities. Minfon Group is also the owner of The Founder Palace, Shanghai Valley, and Minfon Tech brands that strive to create a central hub for high quality, innovative companies to work together so that their innovations can make this world a better place.
Our Corporate Innovation Program works with large corporations to leverage our two branded startup platforms (The Founder Palace and Shanghai Valley) that make up the first two-sided, cross-border innovation marketplace, to directly connect with startups ranging from concept to series-A stage, in the US, Asia, and more than 40 different countries globally. Our unique business model allows large corporations to achieve much higher success rate of investing and partnering with startups without forming and committing to a long-term investment fund. The company name, Minfon, was first used by our founder's grandfather for his small business in the 1960s. Our founder decided to reuse the company name when he established Minfon Group in Silicon Valley, California, to remind himself of the business fundamentals for every project we take on, and that the mission of our company is bigger than oneself. We are part of a global community where we address real world problems through innovations.
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Meet The Founder

Ken Chang

Ken Chang is the founder and CEO of Minfon Group and is a serial entrepreneur who has spent more than 20 years of his professional life in Silicon Valley. He has founded several ventures under Minfon Group with other Fortune 500 corporations as well as spinning them out as our own subsidiaries. He has built Minfon Group from zero to a global platform that has received collaboration inquires ranging from small startups to large public conglomerates worldwide through organic growth. Ken holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance from State University of New York at Binghamton.