Fifth Minfon Group Investor Roadshow Successfully Launched for Global Startups

On November 21, Minfon Group and its global acceleration platform, Shanghai Valley, successfully hosted the fifth quarterly exclusive investor roadshow sponsored by CITIC Group of China in Shanghai. The four invited CEOs flew in from the US, Singapore, and Europe respectively. All of our startups have received more than 1-3 round of funding prior to joining our roadshow and are looking for strategic investors to take the company to the next level.

The robotic company currently has over-subscribed orders, and this round of funding will be used for product delivery and post-development. The company expects sales in 2018 to be about 12 million U.S. dollars. IP is currently pending in the United States, Japan, and China.

The fourth-generation descendant of the German's Siemens family - brought his own healthcare startup and VP of Sales of Asia to our roadshow for series B financing. This is a startup that already has strong financial backing and resources before joining us, but the founder has heard about Shanghai Valley's local connections in securing important local relationships.

The potential collaboration opportunity of our flying car startup is undoubtedly the purpose of the state-own Shanghai Motor (SAIC) investment team participating in the event. The exciting interaction and discussion between the Chinese corporate investor and the startup CEO took the event to another new height.  

The final presenting company is augmented reality smartglasses. The CEO is a three-time entrepreneur and an angel investor himself. During the presentation, several of our investors have shown interests in applying its technology to different sectors.

The investors this time included top-tier funds, state-owned and international institutional investors, such as Shanghai Motor (SAIC), Fosun Group, Pusi Capital, Shanghai Railway Investment Group, Erke, government think tank, and so on. In addition to domestic investors, more and more institutional investors from Europe and the United States are starting to join us as well.

Ken Chang, CEO of Minfon Group and Shanghai Valley, mentioned that all of our startups have received capital from reputable investors before coming to our roadshow and that their technology has been validated by many international experts in various fields,  and have gained enough traction in their own community. It is precisely because of the potential of the Chinese market, these outstanding companies from different parts of the world came to China through Shanghai Valley to find strategic partners and investors.

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